Various Logo Animations
Logo animations I created over the last years
Graphic Design, Illustration, Motion Graphics
Sum Up - ´14 to ´16
3D Product visualisations for the Berlin based start-up "Sum Up"
Digital Art, Digital Photography
Big Mike - La Kölsche Vita
New Song and merch.
Fashion, Graphic Design, Illustration
Tens - Christmas Ad ´15
You got sunnies for christmas?
Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Visual Effects
New York Baby
What if you can´t afford a trip to NYC? Yes, you fake it on screen
Computer Animation, Visual Effects
SOLO Mag - Motion CI
Some animations for the online content of the cologne based, all new "SOLO" skatemag
Graphic Design, Motion Graphics
Tens - Summer Lookbook ´15
Girls, sun and fun. This lookbook is from another world
Graphic Design, Motion Graphics
Big Mike - Drupp wie Jupp
Back-to-the-grid-musicvideo for the cologne based artists
Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Visual Effects
Poolside.FM - Relaunch ´15
Some 80´s vibes for promoting the new website
Graphic Design, Illustration, Motion Graphics
Lentpark 2000
An 80´s looking skatevideo from the future
Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Computer Animation
Tripple Flip Backtail
They called it a new era of skateboarding, I call it a digital trick
Motion Graphics, Computer Animation, Visual Effects
You Riding - Game Assets
3D obstacles and illustrations for an upoming PC snowboard game
Illustration, Computer Animation, Digital Photography
3D, Game Design