80´s Title Animations

A quick idea between friends driven by the passion for the
80´s era ended up in a big screening event with over 250 satisfied visitors and several sponsors.
It was planned as a small skatepark video with an 80´s styled intro for everyone of the 8 skaters, but more and more people wanted to participate in the project, which at the end turned out to be around 20 skaters. We first thought about one animated design where we just change the names, but during the 3 month of work on this project we decided to make more and more designs. At the end we had a unique animation for every skater and did intro and outro styles as well as some small styleshot animations and a funny 80´s inspired dance part.
We won some skateshop and drink/beverage sponsors and got a huge feature on the Skateboard MSM website over weeks, to at least manage a nice screening event with free drinks and bbq for over 250 people.

You can watch the full flick here.


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